Answering the most important question in life

Growing up, we are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”…But the proper question is “Who do you want to be in this world?”

When I was in my teens, I focused a lot of my energy on my external development. Meaning, I wanted a better body, better skin, better clothes – and after University, a better job and economic status. What worried me most after working for a few years was how I was never satisfied with my job and would always get bored after the initial excitement. I was scared that I would always feel that way towards any job I got. So I began seriously searching for my remedy. I was searching for true happiness.

Right now, I would say that I am probably at the happiest point in my life because I am finally in full control of my life. Unbeknown to most, we live a large part of our lives based on the opinions of other people, even if we don’t believe it.

It took a while for me to peel off the invisible layers that controlled me but when I finally took off the last layer, the world changed in front of me and I felt limitless. I am now more compassionate than I have ever been, I feel a deep connection with everything else in the world, and I am enjoying my life so much more, even though none of my circumstances have changed. Only my mind has.

You will see that I went through a significant change between my first post and now.

I want to help other people in this world find their peace. No living being should live their lives in misery – not even animals. If you do not feel like you have anyone to talk to, then at least know that I care about you, believe it or not. Hopefully the contents of this blog will help you figure out a few things. Sometimes it takes just one quote or idea to help transform our thoughts.

I will probably not post consistently, but my intentions here are simply to inspire. I trust that those who could benefit from this blog will find it. 🙂