We are not special but we are important

We are not special

One of the greatest parts of my job is being able to meet different people almost every day. I’ve made connections through work that I would have otherwise never made and I find that connecting with people nowadays is such a rarity (at least in Vancouver) as more and more people are becoming comfortable with distanced relationships through virtual communication, and as friends and family live farther apart in ‘nuclear families.’

But that’s another topic for another day.

After you meet enough people, you start seeing trends. It no longer surprises me when I meet someone who shares the exact same values and thoughts as me. People are like flocks of birds, flying together in unison, in various groups, and yet unaware that they are doing it at all.

When we change our perspective, we can see the world in an entirely different way.

So how about this perspective: We are all simply expressions of the world. We are not expressing anything that is original to “me” or “I”. It only feels and appears that way – but in fact, we are all vessels through which the Universe expresses and sees itself. Our desires are the world’s desires.

We are one, split into different forms

Because we perceive everything through our 5 senses, we see ourselves as being at the center of everything, and hence hold our life stories to the upmost importance and see others as being separate from us. We believe we are unique, and while this may be true, I don’t think it means that we are special in the way that most of us want to believe.

We are important because we are all part of one big picture. Like energy, which cannot be created nor destroyed, we are all part of this world and have always been, and always will be. We were born out of the Earth, and when we die, we decompose beneath Earth’s soil. We are the Universe being expressed in human form, and are equally as important as the animals, and even a blade of grass.

We all need to realize our deep, invisible connection with the rest of the world.

Because once realized, you will see that the only sustainable and reasonable way to live is to love one another, and not care so much about our materialistic gains. We are nothing without each other, and there is nothing to conquer, fight over, or be greedy about. I write more about this in my older post here.

But I know that it is incredibly hard to change people’s minds. Almost everyone has their struggles and pains that prevent them from realizing this. I have theorized and debated with friends about how to solve all the problems in our society but in reality, a lot of them are multi-faceted, wicked problems that philosophers and thinkers have pondered on for over for centuries and are extremely difficult to tackle.

Okay again I’m digressing and will write a different post about this later.

How do I see the world?

The only way that I can really describe my view of the world is through abstract images. I have yet to find the right one that captures what I feel. Perhaps that’s why art is so captivating. How do we translate what is in our minds into what others can see and comprehend?

Abstract by Billy Huynh

Like watching two coloured chemicals react to one another, splashing everywhere, forming a new colour – that is what I see when I look at our world. These colourful reactions are the different phenomenons that we perceive in our world. Wars, disasters, different forms of activism, all these movements are simply reactions to other events.

As humans, we create our own meanings for everything in life and take things sometimes too seriously. But it helps to remember that to the Universe, each event is simply a phenomenon or reaction which is neither good nor bad.

What’s important about this view of the world is that it takes away our self-centered perspective and allows us to see our entire world as one cohesive unit, one dancing ball of energies.

We should all be dancing.

Seeing life as a ‘dance’ is an idea that I learned from the late philosopher, Alan Watts. I like his idea of not taking life too seriously. I was pleasantly surprised when I attended the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows in Vancouver and saw this clip. It is the game trailer for the game called “Everything”, narrated by Alan Watts himself. I feel like it summarizes what I’ve just said above perfectly.

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