What I know about the world

Here are 3 things that I currently believe to be true about the world

Although I had always believed in them to some degree, these realizations only became extremely clear to me much more recently (I am ready to be proven wrong). Hopefully you can keep an open mind while you read this post!

1 | We are all interconnected, and in fact, the same.

No one is better than anyone else. We are all connected – to each other, to animals, and to nature. Once you truly believe that we are all the same, then you will only feel love and compassion towards every other living being.

  • You can start by thinking about the food you eat. Where does it come from? Think about where the garbage you are throwing away was first created, and also where it goes after you toss it out. These are important details of our lives that we often ignore. But once we start thinking beyond ourselves, we feel the weight of the world on us and vice versa.

2 | We are all already perfect and complete.

This is probably a harder concept to grasp because by being human, we all naturally have an ego. This ego makes us want to be ‘better’ than other people, to conquer others, to change others, to be jealous of their successes, and much more. The ego will almost never be satisfied, and hence we will feel unhappy and suffer. Or worse, make others suffer.

But luckily, we can become aware of it and simply ignore it. Once you let it go, you will finally be able to live in peace. There is really nothing that we can obtain from outside of ourselves to make ourselves complete. We already have everything we need and just need to realize that.

To realize this, I would suggest to start off first by practicing self-awareness.

3 | The only action that we ever need to take is to be kind.

Every major religion has this Golden Rule in their scriptures: “Hurt not others with that which pains yourself” or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “What you yourself hate, do to no man” and my favourite, “Live in harmony, for we are all related”. Although I am not religious, I am human and I believe in this one rule. I believe that kindness is our common language and should be the first language we teach our kids.

Every day, I see people around me working on their outer selves. How to get lean, better grades, a higher salary, a higher position, a fancier job, or a nicer car. The list is endless. But we are forgetting that the invisible inner work is much more important. How kind are our thoughts towards others? What can we be more mindful of? Compassion can be exercised just like a muscle and practicing compassion can also improve our own mental health – what a win-win situation!

  • You can workout your compassion muscles by performing small acts of kindness and seeing how you are capable of transforming the world immediately around you in a positive way. Even a smile from a stranger can brighten our day. Don’t you agree? Kindness does not have to be a physical action. It could be as simple as having patience for others or holding your tongue when you are feeling irritated.

I like this quote:

The only valuable currency is our effect on other people.

This point was actually made by Jim Carrey. You can find a summary of his speech here, along with the video of the actual speech.

Right now, I feel more at peace than I have ever been in my life. Since realizing all of the above, I’ve started feeling a lot more love towards the world, and towards my own life. Life has become less stressful, and I have the capacity now to take on others’ problems without it deflating my own energy.

By being my true self, I have also made it possible for those closest to me to be themselves because they know that I truly come from a place of non-judgement and love.

As you can tell by my first post, I struggled for a long time trying to find the ultimate remedy for my unhappiness and that is why I started this blog. My original purpose was to help other people, including myself, find happiness. But now, I will redirect my focus to help others find peace.

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