Hello quarter-life crisis!

Wow, where do I even start?

Okay I’ll start off with the positives:

  • I have a well paid job that suits my personality
  • I am in a committed relationship with a partner and best friend whom I love and trust
  • I have a handful of friends who I can trust to bail me out of jail, and
  • According to many credible reports, I am living in one of the best cities in the world (Vancouver, Canada)!

So why do I still feel so damn unsatisfied?

When this feeling hit me the first time, I immediately found a new job which seemed to fix things instantly. But within less than a year at this great new job, I found myself waking up every morning to the same dilemma. “Am I happy? – No.

At first, I shrugged it off. I mean, who doesn’t hate going to work? It seemed like the norm. But something about it didn’t sit well with me internally. I felt so lost and the worst part was, I had no idea what was really wrong. I was scared that I would never be satisfied with my work and would have to either switch jobs every year or just suck it up for the rest of my life. I found myself constantly looking online for content that would somehow guide me through this “quarter-life crisis”.

The quarter life crisis is “a period of intense soul-searching and stress occurring in your mid 20s to early 30s.” (The Muse)

Like many of those in my generation, I followed a path that was laid out for me.

I completed one grade after another, then headed straight to university after high school. I never had to think about what to do next because it was already well planned out for me by my parents.

When I was 21, I graduated with a BA in English Literature. I chose English because at 17 years old, literature was the only interest I was certain about. I thought that completing a Bachelor’s degree would hand me a job. I mean, I always had somewhere to go after each grade, so why would it stop then?

Following my graduation, reality hit me – why would any company hire me? I ended up interning without pay at a fashion week, moved on from there to a my first marketing job, and at this moment, I’m working as a sales manager at a boutique hotel. Where do I see myself in 5 years? I have no idea. But if you’ve read up to here, you are probably feeling the same thing – we are going through what some have coined, the quarter-life crisis.

Then one night I heard Louis C.K. say on stage, “we are all dead people who haven’t died yet,” and that struck me hard. Hell no, I am not going to waste another day of my life settling for anything less than being incredibly happy. That’s when I knew that I had to take control of my happiness and create the life that I wanted to live (Okay easier said than done, I’m still working on it) and not wait around any longer.

While trying to bypass my own quarter life crisis, I discovered some helpful tactics, but also realized that the journey can be a little lonely at times.

So that’s why I started this blog. I am, by no means, someone who has got it all figured out. I may not be able to give the best advice for every situation, but I would love to reach out to those going through the same issues, and solve the problems that life throws at us together. One thing I’ve always known about myself is that I love connecting with people, so blogging has always been the best medium for me to reach more people than I’m physically capable of. The other reason is because I simply needed a passion project to keep myself sane.

The reason why I chose the blog name “Okay, Honestly” is because I feel like I am now more self-aware and authentic than I have ever been before. I believe that the journey towards a happier life starts off with us being honest with ourselves and the people around us. So let’s have honest conversations with each other and figure this out together. 🙂 I’ll start first.

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